Florida Building Code For New Duct Sealing Requirements Goes Into Effect

Changes became effective March 15, 2012


The Florida Building Code has institutednew requirements for duct work to help improve the efficiency of heating and air conditioning systems . Those changes affect both the homeowner and the AC Contractor. The new Florida Building Code requires:

Duct sealing upon equipment replacement (mandatory).   At the time of the total replacement of HVAC evaporators and condensing units, all accessible joints and seams in the air distribution system shall be inspected and sealed where needed using reinforced mastic or code approved equivalent and shall include a signed certification by the contractor that is attached to the air handler unit stipulating that this work has been accomplished.

The new rule will require HVAC contractors to inspect the overall condition of your ductwork and incorporate any needed repairs into the scope of your installation. In newer homes, little if any ductwork should be needed to comply with the new code. If substantial work is needed have your estimator review the scope of the work with you as well as any additional cost to bring your duct system into full compliance with all applicable codes.

Greens Energy Services is proud of our long history of providing quality installations for our customers.  Inspecting ducts has always been an important part of our system balancing.  Your systems efficiency is only as good as each of its components. Contact Greens Energy Services today if you have any questions about the new code or would like us to check on your air handling systems efficiency.